Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Idol Top 12 Report Card

It was Diana Ross night for the American Idol contestants, putting the already lackluster boys at a disadvantage. Their goal is survival with the least damage. Perhaps the shrewdest tactic was by Blake "Beatboxer" Lewis, who, knowing that he will pale by comparison to the original, did some fan service by funking it up with an electronic beat.

At any rate, here's my report card for the twelve perfomances:
  1. Brandon Rogers, C
  2. Melinda Doolittle, A
  3. Chris Sligh, B
  4. Gina Glocksen, B
  5. Sanjaya Malakhar, C
  6. Haley Scarnato, B
  7. Phil Stacey, B
  8. LaKisha Jones, A
  9. Blake Lewis, B
  10. Stephanie Edwards, A
  11. Chris Richardson, B
  12. Jordin Sparks, A
Either Brandon or Sanjaya should go; the other will be lucky to survive the next week.

UPDATE (3/14): Bottom three was Brandon, Sanjaya, and Phil. Phil was safe, so I called the bottom two. Brandon was eliminated.

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