Wednesday, September 06, 2006

PrawfsBlawg: Announcing: The "Research Canons" Project

PrawfsBlawg: Announcing: The "Research Canons" Project:

Legal academia assumes that entry-level candidates and new scholars have done the background research necessary for their area of expertise. But it is left to the individual to get this knowledge. Certainly, the J.D. provides a baseline, and mentors are helpful in providing further direction. But there is nothing akin to comps that sets forth a comprehensive listing for new folks to follow. Many of us have heard the question, in the AALS interview, in the job talk, or as a new scholar presenting a paper: 'Well, of course, you have read the work of Prof. X in this area, right?' Failure to respond appropriately to this question may raise eyebrows and cast doubt on the scholar's research.

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